Almy, Lantier Join SSU In Broadcast Booth

by Panchito Ojeda

David Almy, Play-By-Play 

With a voice so smooth he could coax a beaver out of its pelt, Dave Almy begins his first season as the shot caller for the legendary Sonoma State University Men’s Lacrosse program.

Almy started his playing career when he was 12 years old in Massachusetts and played two years varsity at Governor’s Academy (Byfield, MA USA) and went on to DIII Vassar College (Poughkeepsie, NY USA). While at Vassar College, Coach Almy played all four years and achieved All-League honorable mention in his Junior year and All-League as a senior.

He is one of the few “triple threats” in lacrosse coaching: 10 years experience coaching men’s lacrosse, 7 years experience coaching women’s lacrosse, and 7 years experience coaching the indoor version of the sport, box lacrosse. 

He co-founded one of the first US-based youth box lacrosse clubs- Sonomarin Northmen (San Francisco, CA USA), and coached multiple different age groups of American box lacrosse teams in Canadian tournaments, including two second-place finishes at the Calgary Canada Day lacrosse tournament (Calgary, Canada).

He was briefly head coach of the Turkish National Box Lacrosse team (you can look it up.)`

Almy began his play-by-play career as Director of Operations for Fantasy Play-By-Play, and Major League Baseball promotion that allowed regular fans to call innings of play. 

Off the field, Coach Almy is a partner and co-founder at ADC Partners, a firm specializing in strategic solutions for corporate sponsors and sports businesses. He also developed the Goalie IQ app for lacrosse goalies that analyzes their play and performance.


Mike Lantier, Color Commentary

With insights that border on the mystical and prognostications that would make Rasputin envious, Mike Lantier provides color commentary for the Sonoma State University Men’s Lacrosse program

Mike Lantier brings over 15 years coaching background and 25 years of playing experience to the Turkish National Box team. A former Division III player at Ohio Wesleyan and Washington College, Lantier began coaching after his collegiate career was ended abruptly in 1993 after a knee injury.

Lacrosse has been in the Lantier family for generations. His father played at the US Naval Academy, and is a three-time All-American selection, Captain of the 1965 Championship Team and USNA Hall of Fame member. His brother Brian also played at the USNA.

Coming home to California for knee surgeries, Lantier transitioned from player to coach, beginning with local high school and youth programs. In that time, he has become one of the true legendary figures in North Bay Lacrosse, coaching at the youth, high school and junior college levels. 

Lantier was also the genius/madman behind the Sonomarin Northmen box lacrosse program, a true Canadian-style box lacrosse program for North Bay youth. 

Mike’s color commentary for the 2018 WCLL lacrosse championships earned accolades from across the league, including Coach Pancho Ojeda who said: “I actually keep an ear piece in so I can listen to Mike while the game is going on. He’s that good.”