2020 Season Update: By Coach Hewitt

by Ben Hewitt

Sonoma Lacrosse Family,

Good morning. As all of you are now aware, the remainder 2020 MCLA season has been suspended due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Additionally, all non-essential travel out of SSU has been suspended by the university through May 31st (this includes travel inside of Sonoma County). Needless to say, the news came as painful shock to all of our players yesterday, especially our senior class. As I write this to all of you, I find myself trying to find some type of solace to offer to soften the blow of what has taken place, but as of this moment I lack the words. The bottom line is that the guys have worked terribly hard since we first met in August, committed to a culture based on our core values, and were ready to finish the second half of the season in a way that would make everyone associated with the program proud. So, this hurts a lot.

I do want to state my full intention to honor our senior class and if in some way possible, get one final game. While we cannot leave the county, there are a few local universities that can after March 30th and we still have Beauj Field reserved for future dates in April. Obviously, pulling this off would be contingent on approval from the university, but I guess as things stand today, I am not ready to accept that our team has played their final game. I will keep everyone updated as to how this all progresses. I also want to share that game or no game, it is essential to have a final ceremony to honor our seniors and their parents. When that is announced, we would love to have as many of our families available to celebrate those guys as is possible.

I wish all of our players and families a safe spring break and continue to be thankful for all of your support of program. Sonoma State Lacrosse is a special program because you make it so.

Coach Hewitt